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With Pacer Law Behind Them, Seniors Are Never Alone

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As you grow older, your interests and goals inevitably change. If you are retired, you want to ensure you have the financial means to meet your current and future needs.  These needs may involve getting help with daily activities so that you can age in your own home, downsizing, moving to an independent or assisted living community, or recognizing that you require skilled nursing care. Careful planning can help you to anticipate the costs and be prepared for them. As an experienced elder law attorney, I understand the difficulties that older people face, and know how to address the many challenges that seniors face. My firm provides knowledgeable advice and advocacy to help seniors and their families deal with the realities and consequences of aging.


Seniors and their families frequently face a myriad of challenging issues and dilemmas that appear to have no easy solution. At Pacer Law, I provide skilled and experienced guidance for older clients in a wide range of matters affecting including:

  • Wills and trusts
  • Medicaid coverage and eligibility, including income, asset and transfer requirements
  • Nursing home and assisted living issues
  • Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • In-home medical care and assistance
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Advance Directives for Health Care
  • Elder financial abuse and exploitation
  • Retirement and other investment disputes
  • Crisis planning

My firm offers comprehensive advice for clients who have questions in these areas or need legal assistance with any of these concerns. You can rely on my guidance with the assurance that you have an experienced advocate on your side.


Access to affordable medical care is essential to your health and quality of life at any time but especially as you age. I assist clients in Medicare and Medicaid planning so that they will be eligible for skilled and long-term care in the event they need it. I help seniors and their families to navigate these government programs so that they have access to the medical treatments, diagnostic tests and medications available to them. I can also assist in establishing trusts so that funds will be available when needed while protecting clients’ assets and limiting their tax liability.

RESPONSIVE support and guidance on your esTATE PLAN

I can advise you on the most successful ways to achieve your final wishes and will guide you on how best to transfer your assets, minimize estate taxes (if taxes are a concern), support personal philanthropic and charitable causes and even protect a beloved pet. If late in life changes in your estate plan are necessary, I can include codicils or draft a new Will that reflects your desires and, if needed, establish living trusts and other legal instruments beneficial to your estate. I can also help you plan your future medical care and make crucial end-of-life decisions by drafting legally valid Advance Directives. These documents ensure your intentions will be honored if you become unable to communicate them yourself.


While retirement ideally is a time to enjoy family, travel and hobbies, it requires careful planning. Living on a fixed income can create financial stress for seniors, and age-related illnesses can affect the independence they wish to maintain. I can help you organize your affairs and plan for your retirement so you have the ability to live as you wish for as long as possible.

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